Development Stages Of Adolescence And Adolescent Sub Stages

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The study of the project will be helpful to us in following ways :
 it will explain the nature and development stages of the adolescence.
 it will enlist the development task during the adolescence .
 it will explain the behavioral issues , challenges ,factors effecting the adolescence .
 also discuss the gender disparity and phenomenon of the generation gap . ________________________________________

Concept of adolescence:
"adolescence" is the dramatically evolving theoretical construct informed through physiologic, psychosocial tempered and cultural issues. it is the period of transition between the childhood to adolescence..the definition of adolescence and adolescent sub stages are found in a theoretical understanding of adolescence development.
According to Dorathy roger :
"Adolescence is a process rather than period, a process of achieving the attitude and needed for effective participation in the society.
According to A.T Jersild :- adolescence is that years during which boys and girl more from adulthood , mentally , socially , physically.

Adolescence and definition :
• Biographical definition of adolescence :
The biography and physical changes of the puberty quite literally transform children onto sexually and physically mature adult . the changes occurs all in all adolescence .
• Psychological definition of adolescence :
A level at which the…
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