Development Task 2 Theorists, Cache Level 3 Cyp 3.1

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development Task 2 theorists, Cache Level 3 CYP 3.1 pc[2.1] Explain how children and young people’s development is influenced by a range of personal factors.
A child is influenced by a range of Personal factors such as: - Influences before and at birth eg. Maternal diet during pregnancy or birth itself eg. problems due to lack of oxygen etc. - Health - child who has ill health may spend time in hospital and miss time from pre-school and school affecting their learning on all levels including emotional and social phases of making friends etc. Also conditions like asthma triggered by certain situations could affect child's physical growth and need hospital/doctors visits etc. - Disability - this one is kind of obvious but I also
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Often this is described as stages of development or patterns of development. These give us a framework for understanding the process of learning. Though working with just one framework may stop us from exploring other views.
The most important theory which influences the early years education in the UK is the sociocultural theory of Lev Vygotsky (1896-1934). Though there are more theories like the behavioural work of Skinner (1905-1990) he is rewarding positive behaviour and ignoring negative behaviour. This influences the work with children who have learning and behavioural difficulties. Jean Piaget's (1896-1980) theories have gotten trendy again in the last few years as additional studies are done into his cognitive theory of schemas through which children progress in stages in their learning.
Their theories influenced the vertical and horizontal continuum that we have developed and use in school. In the 3 different year levels that I teach I am guided in the expectation of knowledge and skills that are to be expected at a certain stage in a child’s live.
I would also take into account their culture and any issues; a child or young person may have educational needs but these may not be creating delayed development, for example their first language may not be English, therefore their lack of understanding may lie there; perhaps they need language lessons for students of English as a foreign language.
My role as a
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