Development Theory And Erik Erickson's Eight Stages Of Development

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My client is a teenage girl; who has recently become pregnant. The daughter maintains that she does not know who the father is, she is 14 years- old; frequently skips school in a small town, smokes, and seems to think that everyone is out to get her. The teen also believes her mother hates her. Her mother is at her wits end and just wants what is best for her daughter. The mother is poor and can’t afford much in the way of psychological assistance for her daughter. I am going to review three theories and try and apply them to this case. The theories that will be looked at are Erik Erickson’s Eight Stages of development, Vygotsky’s development theory, and Schaffer & Emerson’s attachment theory. ("Erik Erikson’s Theory of Psychosocial Development") Erik Erikson developed the eight stages of development theory. This theory details events in developmental stages, broken down into the years they happen in. The first stage is Trust vs. Mistrust; this stage happens from birth to 18 months. This is the bonding period between baby and mother. Next is autonomy vs. shame & doubt; this period is when the infant/toddler begins to try to do for themselves. Initiative vs. Shame is the third stage and relatively unimportant to our case, but relates to exploration of their world and learning new things. Stage four is industry vs. inferiority and is still relatively unimportant in our case. This stage is all about needing to be productive and successful. Stage five which is where our
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