Development Through Life Stages Essay

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Life begins with conception. A woman normally produces one egg cell each month, roughly two weeks after the last menstrual period. This egg can then be fertilized if sexual intercourse takes place while the egg is in the fallopian tube. Fertilization means that the genetic material in the sperm joins with the genetic material in the egg to start new life.


Pregnancy is the period from conception to birth when a woman carries a developing foetus in her uterus.

Pregnancy begins when a sperm penetrates an egg. One to one and a half days later, the single fertilized cell begins to divide, after two or three days there are enough cells to make the fertilised egg the size of a pin head. The collection of cells
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Babies are helpless when it comes to muscle co-ordination and control. Babies can't hold up their head, roll over, sit up, or use their hands to move objects deliberately. Despite their muscular inability, babies have the ability to recognise and interact with people. Babies prefer the sound of human voices to other sounds and soon learn to recognise their mother's voice. Babies are born with the natural ability to sense objects. The sensorimotor stage is a stage when thinking is limited to sensing objects and performing motor actions. Jean Piaget, a Swiss development psychologist believed that a baby would not have a working system for remembering and thinking about the world until babies reach about 18 months old.

At around 3 months infants begin to make babbling noises as they learn to control the muscles associated with speech and around 12 months infants begin to imitate sounds made by carers such as ‘da-da’; this develops into the use of single words. At around 2 years infants begin to make two-word statements such as 'cat goed' (using the wrong tense) and the infant begins to build their vocabulary. At around 3 years children begin to make simple sentences such as 'I want a drink' This develops the ability to ask
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