Development a Multidimensional Concept

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It was once a worldwide belief that development is primarily concerned with economic growth, meaning that once there was economic growth a country would develop. This was so firmly believed that a number of theories, which were put across to explain development and how to achieve development, such as modernization theory, and dependency theory centered on economic growth being the key factor in development. There is no one definition of development, as persons have different interpretations of development. In Portest’s and Kincaid’s interpretation of development, they stated that it should involve a reduction in unemployment and the extension of fundamental rights and freedoms for the population. Another definition of development, …show more content…
Luxembourg, Switzerland, Norway, United States of America and Canada all have high GDPs and are considered some of the most developed countries in the world.
Now, in the second definition of development it was established that development is a number of characteristics, which include political freedom, and in the first definition, freedoms for the population. This definition was correct in defining development as including other characteristics. In addition to economic growth, the main characteristics of development are improvement in Human Development Indicators (HDIs), such as life expectancy, levels of education, ratio of doctors to the population and labour productivity. Also, development must be sustainable and involve the notion of advancement, involve freedom, justice and equity, and development must be ethical.
It has been realized by many development practitioners that development is useless if it is unsustainable. Sustainability has been interpreted as requiring some constancy in the stock of natural environmental assets, discounting future gain losses. Sustainable development then is a: situation in which the development indicators do not decrease overtime, and the rate of development is generally positive over some selected time horizon. Sustainable development is also development in the interest of the excluded group, the not yet born and must adapt to the resource
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