Essay Development and Diversity

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Module 2 Assignment: Development and Diversity
The purpose of this assignment is to explain the main components of the humanist theory. Two American psychologists, Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers paved the way for this new approach to understanding personality and improving the overall satisfaction of individuals. Next, I will show how the humanist theory is used in the classroom and what problems are possible. Finally, a 3rd grade learning activity that uses some aspect of the humanist theory will be outlined.
Humanist Theory
Humanistic theory deals with the whole person, by focusing on human experience, problems, potentials and ideals. Human nature is viewed as inherently good. It deals with self-actualization as to fully developing
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Carl Rogers 1902-1987)
Carl Rogers was known for his contribution to client-centered therapy and his role in the development of counseling. He also believes the human capacity for inner peace and happiness; a person is most likely to have this attitude if they receive much love and acceptance from others. One of his main contribution was the core condition or attitudes for facilitative (counseling and educational) practice-congruence (realness, acceptance and empathy). The attitudes of the facilitator are to be a real person, not fronting, then the learner will accept them and will communicate effectively with them. The facilitator will be in direct contact with the learner. The attitude of prizing, acceptance and trust is a non-possessive caring for the learner by accepting the individual as a separate person with self-worth. When the teacher understands the student’s reactions from the inside, the learning process will increase. Rogers states “students feel deeply appreciative when they are understood from their own point of view” (Smith, 2004).
As a humanist teacher, one would focus on developing a child’s self-esteem to make the child feel good about themselves and feel that they can achieve at any goal set before them. The teacher is concerned about he child’s emotional needs. In the classroom the teacher can allow the students to use a learning style that is easier for them to understand, allow them to work in particular areas of comfort.
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