Development and Expansion of United States

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Development or expansion of the United States The development and expansion of the USA in the nineteenth century was quite dramatic with a great shift of the demographic, cultural as well as the ecology of the West under the invasion of the Euro-American population that was initially settled on the Eastern side of the country. This drive to invade the West was driven by the need to commercialize almost everything that was natural in the West. To that end, the geography or the environment of the West significantly contributed to the expansion of the USA especially towards the West. One significant geographic factor that led to the expansion of the USA was the environment around the Missouri River and the Columbia River. According to John pie, (2006) there was a fact finding team that was sent Westwards by President Thomason Jefferson that went back to St. Louis in 1806 with information on the fertility and vastness of the land in these two regions. This motivated the Euro-Americans to venture further to the East in order to invest more in agriculture and commercialize agriculture that the natives had initially taken for subsistence farming. The other significant environmental factor that helped in the expansion of the USA westward was the availability of natural resources like the minerals. The gold in the West especially in South Dakota when gold was discovered in 1874, California and Oregon was another factor that led to the expansion of the USA (Net Industries,
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