Development and Further Enlargement of European Union

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The plan of European Union come out and developed in the course of history, and Turkey has been an element of this common history and tradition. The Ottoman Empire, modern-day Turkey's governmental ancestor, had its most expanded provinces in the Balkans started in 14th century. For almost five centuries, the Ottoman Empire was a significant player in the region and a component of the Concert of Europe1. Also to its profound historic line, Turkey's relationships with Europe have been revived with current geopolitical growths. Turkey plays a moderating function in the European border as a not religious and autonomous country. A lot of people argue that abiding change in Turkey on its way to EU succession may fortify Turkey's stabilizing function with relationships to its neighbors and in the EU, and therefore add to safety in Europe2. Moreover, Turkey is a regional power and that adds to regional safety in the Middle East, and consequently, in the US. Turkey's succession might as well lessen the cultural segregations in Europe, particularly those pertaining to immigration and the assimilation of Muslims into European societies. The subsequent curriculum will give a wide setting…
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