Development in Charter Schools Essay

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In 1988, Ray Budde (A University of Massachusetts Amherst Professor) felt that something needed to be done to improve the public education system in the United States. Falling test scores and rising dropout rates provoked a movement for reform. Ray Budde pointed out many restrictions set by state governments that inhibited the potential of many students and how these restrictions were damaging the educational system rather than maintaining it. He proposed a plan that would eliminate these restrictions and create a system where students would excel. This idea took hold when the American Federation of Teachers adopted the idea and set up the first “Charter Schools” in Minnesota in 1991. These were the first of many charter schools in the …show more content…
Although very risky, starting a charter school has its advantages too. A study performed by Phi Delta Kappa International focuses on the differences between charter schools and public schools. This study gives a comprehensive interpretation of the advantages charter schools have over public schools. The study mainly focuses on the management aspect of the charter schools and shows how principals of charter schools use their power to put their schools ahead of public schools. A former public school principle interviewed eight charter school principals on how they hired teachers. The interviews suggested “that charters schools are serving as exciting seedbeds for new approaches to finding, employing, and keeping better teachers.”( Finn) Interestingly enough some principals would be willing to hire non-state certified teachers to meet their standards of quality. These principals were looking for was a teacher who was “highly intelligent, had prestigious college background, was articulate, and liked kids.”(Finn) Although they would be taking a risk hiring someone without the standard teaching qualifications set by the state, they knew that with their intelligence and prestige, they would strive to educate the children as they would themselves. The charter school system gives the principal the power to hire teachers which enables them to select the teachers that match the needs and culture of their school. Most of these principals look for overachievers, those "who want to

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