Development in System Networks

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Development in System Networks

What is a Network?

Communication and information are the two most important concerns for an organization. Today¡¦s organizations use a number of computers and communication tools (telephone, faxes, internet) to help them function in their daily operations. Communication is crucial among departments, and information and data throughout the organization needs to be easily accessed in order to allow for a steady workflow. To overcome these obstacles, computer networks are necessary. Computer networks allow the user to access programs and databases, and it provides communication possibilities faster than other methods.

Networks allow the connection of computers and printers so that resources can be
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The drawback to a LAN is that there is a limit to the distances that computers can be shared and to the amount of computers that can be connected to it. LANs can vary in size. A small LAN might connect a few computers, while a large LAN could connect computers throughout a few buildings. Common speeds are 10Mbps or 16 Mbps.

In a WAN, computers are connected together through further distances by telephone lines or radio waves. A WAN consists of at least two LANs. The largest WAN is the Internet. A disadvantage to a WAN is that message transmission may be delayed, lost, or damaged. Messages are passed from one computer to another until it arrives at the destination. Effective routing techniques are important to network performance. A single message may travel by different routes and arrive at the destination out of order. Typical transmission speeds range from 56 Kbps to 1.54 Mbps.

A MAN is designed for a town or city. MANs are larger than local area networks, but smaller than wide area networks. MANs are usually characterized by very high-speed connections using fiber optic cables or other digital media (pcwebopedia).

Wireless Networks

The tremendous growth of the Internet is
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