Essay on Development of Ancient Egypt

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Geographical determinism played an essential role in Egypt’s development. Blessed with natural barriers that fostered isolation, it was protected from invasion and the barriers gave it a sense of security while not hindering the development of trade. The Nile River was of central importance to life in Egypt. The Nile River, the longest river in the world, begins in heart of Africa and courses northwards for thousands of miles. The areas that spanned 7 miles on both banks of river were capable of producing abundant harvests. Flooding was gradual and predictable in contrast to Mesopotamian rivers. Like Mesopotamia, Egypt was a river valley civilization.

The economy in Egypt was a command economy. The government ordered the citizens to
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Today, it is divided into 3 major periods, the Old, Middle, and New Kingdoms. They were periods of long-term stability, characterized by strong monarchial authority, competent bureaucracy, freedom from invasion, temples and pyramids, and intellectual and cultural activity. Between the periods of stability were Intermediate Periods, characterized by political instability, weak political structure, rivalry for leadership, invasion, less building, and an overall restructuring of society.

The first Egyptian royal dynasty was in 3100 B.C. under a king called Menes, uniting upper and lower Egypt into a single kingdom. The Old Kingdom went through the 3rd and 6th dynasties, lasting from 2686-2125 BC. It was an age of prosperity and splendor, and the largest and greatest pyramids were constructed. Pyramids were tombs, if the ka, or the spiritual body of the dead person, was properly mummified and the tomb furnished with various objects of regular life, the ka could return and continue its life despite the death of the physical body. The largest pyramid was built under King Khufu in Giza at 2530 B.C., covers 13 acres, named the Great Pyramid. In obeying king, subjects helped maintain a cosmic order. Egypt was divided into provinces called nomes. Hieroglyphs emerged during first 2 dynasties. Despite theory of divine order, Old Kingdom eventually collapsed, ushering in a period of chaos.

Middle Kingdom was new period of stability lasting from 2055-1650 B.C.
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