Development of Antisocial Behavior in Children Essay

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Children development refers to the changes in physiology, mentality, and emotions in children from birth (or during pregnancy) to adolescence. Children are dependent on family’s support during this time period. It is not until the beginning of adolescence that children start to develop autonomy which is the process of forming their own identity and making their own decisions. Parents have a big impact on children’s physical and mental development during this time period. They are the most available resource. They provide necessary material resources for children’s survival such as food, water, and housing. They account for most of their children’s socializations especially from birth to adolescence. They influence children’s mental …show more content…
There is also a relationship or correlation between corporal punishment (physical punishment) and antisocial behavior (Grogan-Kaylor, 2005). It is very interesting to look at how negative parenting will affect children’s behavior, especially the growth of their antisocial behavior. Negative parenting is defined as harsh discipline, low supervision, showing negative emotions toward their children, and making one-sided parental decision (Lansford et al., 2003). Antisocial behavior refers to behaviors that violate society’s norms or laws (Rutter, Giller, & Hagell, 1998). In children, they are usually referred as persistent lying, deceitfulness, or callous behaviors (Murray et al., 2012). Antisocial behavior in children might put the individual at risk of developing antisocial personality disorder when he/she grows up. Aggressive and disruptive behaviors are also the common reason that a child is referred to mental health services (Combos-Ronto et al., 2009). In addition, most psychopathic serial killers are diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder (LaBrode, 2007). Interestingly, in her article, LaBrode (2007) shows that most of the serial killers are victims of abuses and they often blame their mothers for their psychopathic outcomes. By looking at negative parenting’s effect on children’s antisocial behavior, it is
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