Development of Children and Young People

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Development of Children and Young People: The development of children and young people is significantly affected by speech, language, and communication needs. These needs have a profound and long-term impact that varies depending on the severity of the problem, the kind of support the child receives, the confidence of the person, and the demands of his/her environment. Actually, children and young children with speech, language, and communication needs are at risk of constant communication problems that contributes to cognitive, social, behavioral, psychiatric, and academic difficulties. However, not each child or young person with these needs or difficulties requires direct speech and language therapy ("Speech, Language, and Communication Needs", n.d.). As a result, it's important to develop and establish various strategies and targets that can support the speech, language, and communication of these people. Some of the major strategies and targets to achieve this goal include listening skills, asking for help, social skills, planning and organizing language, and study skills. Listening skills is a strategy that involves the establishment of SEAL activities that provide opportunity to develop listening skills to all children and young people ("Supporting Underlying Strategies", 2010). The other strategy is offering these individuals with measures to ask for help or clarification in order to evaluate their individual comprehension. Planning and organizing language
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