Development of Eating Disorders

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Much to our perceived attention is the idealised image that most aspire to have. In attempting to achieve such a look involves drastic measures for some and possibly fatal. There is ample of evidence to suggest that such measures revolve around an individual’s eating habits thus leading to unhealthy disordered eating patterns. Eating disorders refer to abnormal eating habits characterised by excessive or insufficient intake of food and develop from a number of interrelated issues. Much of the research into eating disorders has focused particularly on anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa and its developmental causes. Anorexia nervosa is a psychological disorder characterised by delusions of being overweight resulting in conspicuous…show more content…
Also, despite its far-reaching nature, the media tends to conform and show one particular image to be correct, which is to be thin, whether it be celebrities or the presenters of a channel. In light of the evidence presented against the mass media in advocating unhealthy messages some critics argue that the media is not fully to blame. Although a positive correlation between media exposure and high levels of clinical eating disorders does exist, it does not fully justify or provide sufficient evidence for the case that the media is solely responsible for mediating unhealthy messages or negative connotations towards overweight people as most claim it to be. However, this argument follows if one watches too much television. There is the view that one may be more susceptible to another depending on the amount of television that they consume. Research shows that the alarming rates of young females wanting to achieve the ‘perfect body’ relies heavily on the amount of television they consume day in and day out. Emerging primarily in childhood, where children are exposed to a lot of television this attitude of the idealised image is carved throughout their developing life. Therefore, watching a particular body image from such a young age embeds the mentality that being thin is the right way to be. In response to the enormous level of exposure and pressure exhibited by the mass media it is apparent as to why many people are and remain highly displeased
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