Development of Modern World and Religion Essay

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Development of Modern World and Religion Since the beginning of human existence, our ability to think and ask questions has led us to answer questions sometimes with uncertainty and doubt. Many natural occurrences that are today easily explained due to our technological advances were great mysteries to early societies. By not being able to answer their questions, many attributed storms, floods, heat and cold to acts of gods, which was a much more plausible explanation than not knowing at all. Soon people came to rely on these explanations; for thousands of years people were raised with this belief that even newer religions based their texts on the belief that gods created our world. Because of…show more content…
In doing this, the Church ensured the survival of their texts and beliefs, and also assured their status on the European Continent by keeping the faith of their followers. If a well known scientist were to come out and say that the creation story in the bible was wrong, the Church would lose followers, along with their power. It was therefore critical that all attempts to stop the pursuit of answers were stopped. The first reason the Church gave in it's early years to stop science was that, because the end of the world was coming soon, we should focus our studies on bettering ourselves so that we can go to heaven instead of being involved in trivial matters of astronomy and physics. "The general belief derived from the New Testament Scriptures was, that the end of the world was at hand; that the last judgment was approaching; that all existing physical nature was soon to be destroyed: hence, the greatest thinkers in the Church generally poured contempt upon all investigators into a science of Nature, and insisted that everything except the saving of souls was a folly."1 Any studies not
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