Development of Musical Instruments

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Throughout history, music has been influenced by the different events that transpire across the world. As civilizations rise and fall, cultures combine and change; and with that, new music and musical instruments are brought into existence. From each corner of the world and from all time periods, music has grown. The places that music has dramatically developed the most are in China, Europe, and America. Musical instruments in these locations have gone through a musical “revolution” and have eventually become what we know so well today. China One of the earliest locations that musical instruments were created and developed was China. Many of the instruments during this period (500 – 1100 A.D.) that were being made were classified as zithers of idiophones. Zithers are very similar to guitars since both share the quality of having strings, but do not have a “neck.” Idiophones are instruments where the body itself vibrates to create the sound much like modern day percussion instruments. These types of instruments were brought into being by the beliefs and teachings of people like Confucius, Mencius, and Laozi. These men “believed that music was an essential part of character and community” and helped the creation of new instruments (1). Many different styles of instruments came out of this time period. Instruments such as the Guqin, Xiao flute, Sanxian, and Pipa were all created and modified with the rise of a style of music- Nanguan. Nanguan was “a style of Chinese classical
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