Development of Nursing Practice in the Past Two Centuries

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The Nursing Practice: Development of Nursing Practice in the Past Two Centuries: Similar to other professions, the nursing practice has developed significantly in the previous two centuries. The development is evident in the delivery of care that is currently dependent on a range of professionals required to work together. The need for diverse number of professionals in modern healthcare settings is for the effective functioning of the practice at the highest level that leads to the provision of quality care services to patients. The transformation of the nursing practice in the past two centuries is widely attributed to various significant factors. These factors include technological developments, the eminence of managerialism, and the focus on production of evidence (Mason-Whitehead et. al, 2007). Due to these developments, the nursing practice has become a dynamic and fast-changing profession that deals with numerous theories, views and beliefs, hypotheses, and models. This profession is not only affected by factors within the healthcare field but it's also influenced by other branches that work closely with it. As a result, modern day nurses are required to become knowledgeable about numerous concepts and continue to develop their knowledge in these areas. One of the most notable features about the development of the nursing practice during this period is the fact that there has been a great speed of transformation in the past two decades than the other periods
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