Development of Research in the Information Security Field

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Meta-requirements The authors of "A Design Theory for Secure Information systems Design Methods" (Siponen, 2006) are advocating for an overall design method that will address problems of a design system in order to create systems with less problems of attacks and ease of use for better organizational systems. By having an overall design method to use as a guide, it will help engineers in developing better systems overall. Many observers feel that integrity, authenticity, reliability, and archiving are requirements for a successful security information system. (Bearman). Meta-notation is a design theory that implements underlying meta-requirements. The SIS Design methods must develop features that resist the impact of threats on system objects, be interoperable, and provide mechanisms to identify security safeguards. The development of SIS originates in the customer's security requirements, which must be the point of departure, and the customer decides to what extent external factors matter. It should provide abstract representations and operations to specify threats, objects, and security features for organizational, conceptual, and technical levels. It must be able to integrate to ISD and have the ability to enable the autonomy of developers to be able to address SIS concerns with their preferred methods. And, the SIS design should be adaptable to forth coming ISD methods. The underlying theories are: 1) it is illogical to state what an organization should do in terms
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