Development of Software Applications

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Custom decision support system software application The development of software applications is an intricate effort which can be approached from several angles. Four common approaches include prototyping, rapid application development, object-oriented analysis and design business process engineering. Each of these methods is characterized by distinctive features, as revealed below. Prototyping Prototyping as an approach to software development represents a mechanism of data visualization, characterized nevertheless by the fact that it is not, in itself, a means of creating the actual software. Prototyping is a complementary solution to actual software development and it allows a prototype of the future software application to be presented to stakeholders for viewing purposes, collection of funds and so on. Prototyping is a useful planning mechanism since it allows for the more accurate creation of estimates, deadlines and deliverables. In addition, the prototyping approach to software also allows the software developers to access and assess the workloads and set feasible tasks (Oxagile, 2013). Rapid application development The rapid application development approach to the creation of software reveals an insignificant emphasis on planning as a process integrant to software development. The developers, as such, quickly set out to create the application (or a prototype of the application) in order to quickly possess a usable product. With rapid application
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