Development of a 3D Game: High Concept

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Development of a 3D Game: High Concept Introduction This project presents a mini-model of a 3D game in C++ using OGRE for graphics. In this regard, this game uses a particular algorithm discussed in succeeding paragraphs to make it reusable thus, doing away with multiple levels. The idea behind this is that once the player finishes the game, a new task is generated without repeating the same one (Alexandrescu, 2001). This project is to assist in learning how to program using C++ and learning to use OGRE to draw; the game is designed in a manner that it is winnable or losable depending on the player's prowess. This game borrows from Pong, but is different in that, as it does not require the player to make rash and speedy decisions; in this game, the player will move as they see fit while taking precaution to avoid falling or making the same move twice. As opposed to Pong, which trains the player to make fast decisions, this game gives a player the time to consider their moves thus helping the player to become patient and considerate. However, the main low-point of the game is that failure to jump makes the player lose the game. Game Scene Management After designing the game's functions and classes, the file structure of the game is decided upon. For this game, there are two file structures for each class; header type of file and the source type of file. According to this game, the header file holds the class definition and the inline member functions while the source
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