Development of a Business Intelligence System

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Business Intelligence Introduction A new trend has emerged in the modern business environment in which companies are seeking to build what is referred to as "Business Intelligence" or BI for short. This has been viewed as one of the most important organizational priorities for many organizations in the last decade and it is unlikely that this trend will end anytime in the near future. The reason for the BI is pretty clear. Companies have been collecting and warehousing various types of data for many years. BI deals with the means in which companies can make better use of the data; often in real time. This allows companies to better harness information to better support organizational goals and their business objectives. Many of the BI technologies that have developed over the years can deliver better reporting mechanisms, dashboards, and different business metrics so companies can spot various trends and gather insights that can allow the company to ultimately become more competitive. Yet, in spite of the obvious appeal of the benefits a Bi system can offer a company, the development of these systems has been a relatively slow and arduous process. This paper will introduce some of the best practices for current BI systems, as well as some of the possibilities for these systems to further develop in the future. What is Business Intelligence? Building a business intelligence program is not a onetime project. Rather it is a dynamic process that builds over time. As the
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