Development of a Prenatal Baby

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Shannon was born at 23 weeks gestation and weighed only 1 pound 7 oz. She was hospitalized for five month, and this experience itself is a concern for developmental delays. She is now 12 months of age chronologically, and 9 months developmentally. Shannon’s areas of concern are her visual impairment as well as developmental delays in motor, cognitive, communication and social and emotional areas. Shannon appears to be in the neonate stage of development regardless of her chronological and developmental age; due to her under developed respiratory system, digestive system, cognitive, communication and motor system. Regarding communication, receptive language is an area of concern; I would say Shannon although 9 months developmental age is functioning at a developmental age of 3-5 months in this area: turning her head to sounds and watching faces of a speaker. Shannon has shown receptive communication for example; the sound of a rattle which Beth places in her hand and helped shake. Evidence of developmental stage in the 3-5 month range from the case study; “Shannon turned her head away from the window and toward Beth” and Shannon’s attempt to maintain focus on Beth’s face. Second area of concern is fine motor; Shannon is at1-2 month developmental age evident through the fact that she can hold a grasp on an object, but cannot release it voluntarily. In the gross motor category, Shannon is also at1-2 month developmental age. Shannon lacks postural controls, and has
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