Development of a Project Using the Addie Model

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Page 1 Scenario 1: Initiating: Discover who the learners (audience) for the online course Overall goals to achieve Necessary knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors students require Amount and level of content for a successful online course Resources required/available Planning: Assess needs, identify audience and overall content/goals Clarify any and all authoring and delivery systems Project scope process Evaluation strategies Executing: Student enrollment & administration Gathering adjunct materials like: software, hardware, and textbooks Orientation to user interface/course Inclusion of Intructor direction and curriculum Syllabus creation and tweeking Scheduling and adjusting User/instructor support Monitoring and Controlling: Documenting project Testing Monitoring weekly Performing impact evaluation Closing: To conclude, the initiation, implementation, and evaluation process was developed through processes that enabled organization and communication. Page 2 Scenario 2: Initiating: Identify the subject to be studied or viewed, the goals and objectives of the project session, the audience for which the project will be viewed and the audience's characteristics (skill level & prior knowledge) Planning: Generate a systematic storyboard of learning objectives. Here the instructional, visual and technical design strategy is documented along with a prototype discussed Executing: Development of content finalized during the design phase like
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