Development of an Orthopedic Center

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Running Head: THE DEVELOPMENT OF AN ORTHOPEDIC CENTER 1 The Development of an Orthopedic Center Table of Contents Introduction 4 Discussion 4 The Trinity Community Hospital 4 My Role as a CEO 5 The Evaluation of the Demand for Orthopedic Center in the Market Area 5 The Strategies for Service and Clinical Excellence through Development of Cardiovascular Center 5 The Analysis of Current International Healthcare Trends and its Incorporation into the Development of the Orthopedic Center 6 The Existing Service Lines and Programs that serve as Complementary Components of the Orthopedic Center 6 The Analysis of the Operating and Financial Data 7 Conclusion 8 Abstract My role is of a CEO in Trinity Community Hospital, and I am tasked with the development of a new service line, i.e. an orthopedic center. For approval and buy-in purposes, I will present the findings to the board of directors. For all those in need of assistance, to provide quality healthcare is the mission of Trinity Community Hospital. Profitability and growth, service excellence, staff achievement, safety and quality are the four basic principles of success at the Community Hospital. The medical staff members and outstanding employees and emphasis on providing exceptional services and care to the patients are the features that distinguish the Community Hospital from other healthcare facilities. To consider for the community and the facility, the most valuable service determined for Trinity
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