Development of the New United States

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Development of the Country When the American colonist first immigrated to the new world they were promised new wealth greater than they had ever imagined. But for the common man freedom of religion and speech were the catalyst sources for colonizing. Once there they had to set up a stable government and build from the bottom. They eventually turned it into a more prosperous civilization and a larger mass of people followed them over and set up a stable government. Eyeing the profit to be made the English started to tax heavily implementing the Stamp act as a well the Coercive acts(Intolerable Acts). With the colonist’s money going to the British government and the colonist not having any say in how they were represented felt left out of the government and decided that could form their own and do a better job governing. After years of war they received their independence and struggled to form a cohesive government, so logically people split up into different groups. There was the federalist headed by Alexander Hamilton and the anti federalist led by Thomas Jefferson. There were two antithesis views on how the government should be run, hence the promotion of the newly formed political parties headed by two political powerhouses with out them the government could turn into a dictatorship. In 1789 when George Washington was unanimously selected to be the first president of the United States he created a cabinet of trusted officials to help separate the executive branch from
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