Development of the Periodic Table, X Rays and the Telescope Essay example

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Chemistry has been the way of life for millions of years! It helps us develop new concepts of thinking and finding solutions to our problems. Did you know that fire was the first chemical reaction humans learned to use and control? ( Chemistry has helped our world come up with new, advanced technology to benefit us all. Chemistry played a role in developing the periodic table, x-rays, and the telescope. Primarily, the Periodic Table of Elements was primarily thought to be developed by Dmitri Mendeleev. However, “Antoine Lavoisier first established the modern concept of the element in the late 1700s” (worldbook). Mendeleev published his version of the periodic table in 1869. Also, many scientists before Mendeleev…show more content…
If it weren’t for x-rays, how would doctors be able to detect abnormalities within a patient? The x-ray was accidently discovered by physicist Wilhelm Roentgen in 1895. He discovered it when he was experimenting with electric flow currents in a cathode- ray tube and saw a piece of barium platinocyanide giving off light while he was working with the tube. His theory was that when the electrons of the cathode-ray tube hits the wall of the tube an unknown radiation, went across the room and hit the chemical, and then caused a fluorescence.(paraphrase, Encyclopedia Britannica). Also, he thought since he couldn’t find any light refraction or things similar to light, that this new found thing was unrelated to light. He named it X-Radiation, this is also known as Rontgen Radiation. (Fun fact: Roentgen can be spelled without the first e.) Rontgen also experimented further and learned that paper, aluminum, and other metal things were transparent with this new invention. His first x-ray was of his wife’s hand. He looked at the bones in her hand and he looked at the insides of metal objects with his new found machine. Also, Roentgen received a Nobel Prize for his discovery. However, Roentgen wasn’t the only man to discover something in chemistry history. Who invented the telescope? It’s currently a controversial topic amongst astronomers of the world. Some say Galileo Galilei invented the

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