Development of the Scholar-Practitioner: Article Analysis Resubmission

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Development of the Scholar-Practitioner: Article Analysis Resubmission by Calanthia Carter Student ID #A00013887 School: Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership Program: Ph.D. in Education Specialization: Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Instructor: Joanne Heilman, Ph.D. Walden University Resubmission: January 29, 2012 Article Analysis Jazvac-Martek, M. (2009). Oscillating role identities: The academic experiences of education doctoral students. Innovations in Education and Teaching International, 46(3), 253–264. Retrieved from the Walden Library using the Education Research Complete database. Central Research Problem Undertaking the task in doctoral education as a…show more content…
Simultaneously, the author recognizes that the individual has to make his identify valid based on the reaction of others in the sphere of profession. However, the perception of success or failures based on a combination of intrapersonal motivations determines the student’s personal expectations. The theory evolved to align with the author’s intent of the study, which was to determine how doctoral students view their identity and experience as they perform various task in becoming a peer or scholar. The author’s data source involved a single week log of experiences, pre-interview questionnaires, and two interviews to discuss the logs and the questionnaire. (p. 257) The author identified, analyzed, and reported patterns in the collected data from a qualitative software analysis program. Jazvac-Martek discovered that students recounted times when they felt like peers and times when they realized they were still doctoral students or candidates. The author also found that regardless of the experience (i.e. facilitating studies, writing papers or proposals or interviews for a faculty position) the students gained a sense of power and a sense of progress. (p.259) Strengths and Weaknesses The research by Jazvac-Martek is commendable and offers a much needed discussion on the expectations and motivations of doctoral students. However, I would have preferred a larger and more diverse group of participants. The

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