Development of the world without religion

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When people question the existence and emergence of planet Earth through science, what is discovered is that there are no generic answers. The conversation will erupt into a never-ending debate and get into the vexing, and sometimes violent, interpretations based on one’s beliefs. What can be answered is what goes on inside the geographical world. My topic of research is not the geography that is tested in the second grade, when a teacher asks a student to point to where London is on a map. In fact, I will be focusing in on the urban geography development, because it is a development, which is less obvious to an average ignorant and inexperienced individual. On the contrary, Professionals who plan out many different cities and different…show more content…
Examples of mismanagement are: high pricing of vehicles even though cars are made here, gas-guzzling machines (lack of fuel efficiency), quality of cars, and lastly leading to the bailouts of Washington that now has the Detroit three on their debt list. The same cars also were the cars that were being used for suburbanization from metropolises. The same movement away from the downtowns of the city of Detroit into the suburbs is the same that has happened all over the country, prominently in the Sunbelt cities. Though the car is a major impact on suburbanization, there are also many other reasons for it. What is a Sunbelt? A Sunbelt is the region of the United States that extends from the Southwest to the Southeast. The Sunbelt city is existent because of the overwhelming amount of people that want to live in a semi-tropical area, including: the baby-boomers, the recently retired, those desiring perfect weather, people in search of great land, and the ones who want a sense of community and a neighborhood. As Becky M. Nicholaides stated in her article Suburbia and the Sunbelt the Sunbelt cities are very much so intertwined with suburbs (21). Coincidentally, she was a professor at Arizona State University, and a resident of Phoenix so she single-handedly saw and documented the impact that sprawl was having through time (and now occurring faster than ever). The Sunbelt cities of America are mostly all for decentralization. Especially
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