Developmental Analysis

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Developmental Analysis The development of a child is viewed from a number of different perspectives by several developmental theorists. While some say that development continues throughout the life, others would hold an opinion that children stop to develop as soon as they mature. Therefore, lifespan developmental theorists have focused on a number of areas while studying the development of an individual. Some of these areas include cognitions, social development, sexual development, moral development and more. Each of these theories is important in order to completely analyze the process whereby which a child matures and transitions into an adult. Kim is a 34 year old makeup artist who lives in North Carolina. Despite her profession of making everyone look beautiful, she considers herself to be ugly, out of shape and an unworthy human being. She is suffering from the feeling of loneliness and has a very low self esteem. Kim's childhood was not peaceful and happy like many other children. Since her birth, she has been brought up in a violent environment where her parents continuously fought. They finally got divorced when Kim was 4 years old. Her mother accepts the fact that she was unable to give her time to her child as she was more busy and occupied with focusing on saving her marriage. Due to this negligence, it could be seen that Kim's needs remain unfulfilled. Soon Kim developed a high attachment need and an obsession towards her mother which soon had to subside
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