Developmental Analysis Essay

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Developmental Analysis Liberty University Abstract This paper serves to apply the knowledge learned throughout the course, COUN 502, to the development and growth in my lifespan. I will aim to demonstrate a working knowledge of the theories, terminology, and concepts of human growth and development. I will show how these disciplines apply to my own life experiences and how I did throughout my key life events, through the use of empirical studies. Developmental Analysis Although I would like to believe I have led a fairly normal life, perfectly meeting each and every milestone or challenge without hitting any speed bumps. Deep down I know, that I there are various aspects of my life that have caused struggles in my development.…show more content…
Due to their executive functioning and processing challenges, people with ADHD can be prone to problematic processing and communication. This often leaves them having questionable authenticity in the eyes of others, and at times, even in how they view themselves. (Bernstein, 2010) As Bernstein (2010) points out, often times people with ADHD “zone out” and miss valuable parts of conversations. This results in them bouncing back, often with a quick lie in order to continue the flow of conversation. These lies occur so quickly in order to fill voids of conversation, and so often, that they can sadly become a habit. Adolescence Understanding that lying is a sin, I found myself very conflicted moving into my adolescent years. When it seemed that lying to keep up normal appearances seemed to help how others perceived me, and made it very difficult to want to stop myself. My parents always seemed to find a perfect balance in how demanding and responsive they were to me as a child, so I grew up very close to them. Into my teenage years, I grew more and more independent, and rebellious to their words. I reach puberty just as I entered adolescence, at the age of 12, and physical maturation quickly followed behind. Coupled with my few found want of independence, I always found myself hanging out with older boys. As
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