Developmental Case Study : Developmental Case History

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Developmental Case History of Yves
In this developmental case history I will be case conceptualizing Yves while integrating the developmental theories of Erik Erikson, Sigmund Freud and Urie Bronfenbrenner. In this developmental case study we will be taking a journey throughout Yves’ life timeline through the lenses of these three theorists in order to get a better understanding of his developmental history, who he is, and the deeper meaning behind his facts of life.
Our first theorist, Sigmund Freud, is known as the founder of psychoanalysis (McLeod, 2016). Freud believed that the single most enduring and important concept of the human body is the human psyche (McLeod, 2016). Freud saw the psyche structured into three parts: the id, ego
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He appeared to be well groomed, hair and facial hair neat. Yves presented himself as calm during the interview. The correspondent was very interactive and cooperative.
Relevant History Yves was born in Port-au-Prince Haiti, where he lived with his mother, father, and older sister. Yves reports to loving his native land and expresses that “life was great” in Haiti. His mother held a very high position in the government and his father was a business man. Both of his parents were college graduates at very prestigious Universities in Haiti. Yves reports that his family were very well off. He reports that he went to private school, lived in a 3 story home, and had maids and nannies that tended for him and his sister. Yves reports “with the life I had I was destined for greatness.” Until one tragic evening. At the age of 6, Yves recalls a traumatic event that would change his life forever. Yves began to describe the horrific scene of finding his father after he was brutally murdered when his father was coming home from work. Yves retells how every day when he would hear his father’s car come up the driveway he would go running outside to greet him. It was a special tradition that the two shared that would quickly come to an abrupt stop. On this specific evening, when Yves went running to his father in the driveway, only to be greeted by a puddle of blood as his fathers’ lifeless body laid out in the driveway. Yves
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