Developmental Child Development

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A child’s development continues from birth till adulthood. However this concept was generally ignored

throughout history. Children were never given much attention in terms of their growth and

development, it had never been thought that they could demonstrate advances in cognitive, behavioral

or social abilities.

There are many processes in child development which include the abilities to learn new things, learn

new skills for example walking or running. These skills are generally obtained through developmental

milestones that take place as the child grows and develops usually during time periods which are


There are a vast amount of psychological theories which have been established and aid in a child’s

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2) Cognitive

psychology: development of thought processes and intellectual ability, including attention, memory,

problem solving, creativity. 3) Emotional and social development: emotional communication, self-

understanding, ability to manage feelings, personal skills, friendship, and behavior.

Each of these domains influences and are influenced by others.

Child development is also segmented into five periods:

1) Prenatal period: from conception to birth, this is where the most rapid change occurs.

2) Infancy to toddlerhood: from birth to two years. Dramatic changes in the body and brain support

emergence of motor skills, intimate ties with others. Infancy is the first year and toddlerhood is the


3) Early childhood: two to six years: body becomes longer and leaner, motor skills are refined and the

child becomes more self-controlled.

4) Middle childhood: six to eleven years. Children learn about the wider world and master new


5) Adolescence: from 11 to 20. This is the bridge between childhood and
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