Developmental, Cognitive, Social, And Emotional Development Of The Client

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This paper will describe developmental issues in each domain (physical, cognitive, social, and emotional) that are identified when working with the clients and provide and examples of behaviors as evidence. It will also include a discussion on the stage of the family’s life cycle and how the family has transitioned through the life span. Next it will describe as well as document the impact of risk factors on the social and emotional well-being and physical development of the client. This paper applies and accurately interprets systemic assessment tools that are multicultural and developmentally appropriate and demonstrates an awareness of how ethical and legal requirements impact working with this family using examples as evidence. Finally it reflects on one 's personal background and impact on one 's work with this family system, incorporating suggestions for managing this impact.
Keywords: systemic assessment, genogram, life cycle, developmental domains, family
Unit 3 – Systemic Assessment of a Child and a Family-Inside Out The Andersen family Bill, Jill, and Riley from Pixar’s film, Inside Out, was used as the subjects for a systemic assessment of child and family relationships. The author selected this film because it 's centered on an adolescent who has to deal with significant developmental and emotional changes occurring in her life that are brought on by a move to a new state. The move forces the character, Riley to leave behind everything that she has ever known…
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