Developmental Domains Physical, Social, Emotional, Cognitive, And Cognitive

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Developmental Domains—Physical, Social, Emotional, Cognitive

Advice to foster physical development Prenatal
-Mother’s behavior and health is the biggest risk to the fetus’ physical development—ensure that mother’s behavior does not threaten the baby (mother should be eating healthily and should not put any harmful drugs or alcohol into her body)
-Playing music and talking to the baby in utero can help foster prenatal development Postnatal to 5 years old
-Take the child in for medical checkups—ensure that illness or disease is not impacting the child’s development. The development of other domains are predicated on a healthy body so it is important that someone is keeping track of the child’s health and intervening when necessary
-Make sure that the child’s basic needs are being met: 1) Ensure that the child is getting the appropriate amount of vitamins and nutrients 2) Fostering a safe environment for the child to live in 3) Ensure that the child is getting enough sleep—so much physical growth and development occurs during a child’s sleep
-Engage the child with games and toys—Games and toys such as crayons and learning walkers are great for helping the child to develop fine and gross motor skills
Advice to foster social development
-Model socially appropriate behavior based on the culture that the caregiver and the child live in
-This is important because so much of the behavior that children exhibit is due to what they’ve seen from their parents (See Bandura’s
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