Developmental Milestones Of My 34 Month Old Toddler

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New discoveries fill every minute of a child’s day. As your little one sees it, the world is a treasure trove of discoveries waiting to unfold. As a parent it is for you to accept her ways of perceiving the world and at her own terms. Show her that you appreciate the inquisitive spirit in her. Encourage her explorations and expeditions as if she were the very first person to discover everything she is excited about. Look through her eyes and you will see the amazing miracles that adults very often take for granted.
Developmental milestones of your 34-month-old toddler
Your 34-month-old toddler is getting proficient in carrying out conversations with more clarity. Her fine motor skills and gross motor skills are also improving as she turns three. These skills will serve her well once she starts going to a playschool. Here is an overview of the major developmental milestones common at this stage:
 Language development: Conversations around this time will be spearheaded by your toddler. She will use short but complete sentences with prepositions and nouns. For example she will tell you very clearly that she saw her lorry on the kitchen table. The abstract meanings of in, on, under, above and other prepositions make sense to her and she uses them regularly in sentences. While reading, she will identify objects in the pictures and name them with enthusiasm. Her identification endeavors spill over outside the pages of the book into real life. For example, she might point to a…
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