Developmental Milestones in the First Two Years of Life

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Developmental Milestones in the First Two Years of Life

Many of us have had the opportunity to observe infants and how they develop through time, whether it is our children, siblings, or just a family friend we can all agree it is extremely interesting to watch children grow. I am currently about 8 months pregnant and I feel it is very important for me to understand how my daughter-to-be will develop. It is important for parents especially to know how a child should grow and mature so they know if their children are on the right track or not. Without knowing how a child is supposed to develop one may never know if their child has a developmental disability or not. The best way to diagnose a developmental disability is the parents
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The second sub-stage is primary circular reactions that occur around one to four months of age. In this stage infants start to organize schemes for sensory and motor activities, actions are voluntarily repeated, but the infant actions are still centered on bodily experiences and instinct satisfaction. The third sub-stage is when the baby starts to focus on the external world and secondary circular reactions; this happens around four to eight months. Babies also develop schemes for repeating actions with interesting effects on things and people in the world during this sub-stage. The fourth sub-stage is coordinating the secondary circular reactions around eight to twelve months. In this stage infants can organize a series of mental structures for various actions and develop intentionality of behavior, they can separate schemes for means and ends, and facilitate the accomplishment of simple goals. The fifth sub-stage is when the external-oriented attention generates and tertiary circular reactions, this is from twelve to eighteen months. Around this time infants grow into toddlers and they seek discovery of new information about how things and people work. The final/sixth sub-stage is pretty important and several development milestones occur, this is eighteen to twenty four months. In this sub-stage object permanence is acquired and toddlers understand objects continue to exist independent from self-generated actions and sensory experiences. (Petrill,
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