Developmental Psychology Has Been Able to Contribute to Improving Children’s Lives

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Jean Piaget argued that when children of certain ages watch water being poured from a short, wide container into a tall, thin container, they think that the amount of water has changed. Discuss with reference to research evidence. Conservation is the ability to understand when appearance of something changes the amount is the same as before. Piaget argued that young children are unable to consider points of view different to their own and at the pre-operational stage’s children will not be able understand conservation. This essay will first illustrate the basic components of Piaget’s cognitive theory and then will discuss Piaget’s experimental evidence tests in Chapter 2 of Book 1 and in DVD Media Kit part 1, for stages in…show more content…
From a ‘non-conserver’ the child’s mental operations become more abstract. At the preoperational stage children think in strikingly differently ways compared to adults. They look at the world only from their own point of view-Egocentrism! A related limitation is centration. They only experience physical objects when the object is visually present. In Piaget’s theory, pre-operational children lack the ability to reflect on operations. They focus on one dimension of objects or events and on static states rather than transformations. Similarly, such children are unable to comprehend points of view different from their own, and Piaget devised an experiment to explore this. The younger children at pre-operational stage are lack understanding of the conservation concept, the idea that merely changing the appearance of objects does not change their key properties. They have not yet to develop their understanding of conservation of mass, number or volume. They also appearing egocentric, being centred on their own perceptions. Piaget investigated children’s cognitive development by administering sets of experimental tasks and that typically children achieve these stages at certain ages. Children’s performance on these tasks reflected their stage of development and these tasks have come to be seen as classic experiments in developmental psychology. He was carrying out a set of controlled tests. Children's understanding varies according to the different areas..

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