Developmental Psychology Is A Important Step Into One 's Life

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Developmental psychology is a very important step into one’s life of how and what we are to become, which in return is nature. That is what exists in one’s parental genes that is passed on to our babies. Developmental is the stages that at a certain age as a child we develop milestones, which in increments is what the baby should be able to do on its own without help from the parents. Of course each baby’s don’t learn the same things at the same ages. One child might be late on teething, this doesn’t mean there is something wrong with this child. But, it does pay to be very cautious at how long and if ever the child is doing that milestone by that certain age. If indeed the child fails to associate with eye contact with the parents or strangers and doesn’t pick up on words by a certain age, this would be a sign of alarm for the parents. If a parent pays close attention to what the child is learning and doing or not doing this could make a big difference in treating the child for the condition. In this case would be Cerebral Palsy, lacking social development, a learning disability such as (ADD) or (ADHD). (Feist & Rosenburg, 2012) Therefore, cognitive psychology is a science born in 1987 by H. Gardner. Cognitive is a metaphor for the human mind and the computer. The human mind and the computer seem to have a lot of the similar steps in common. Our minds stores, retrieves, process the memories and ideas as the computer stores information, retrieves the information and
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