Developmental Psychology Notes

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Sex – sexual anatomy and sexual behaviour
Gender – perception of maleness or femaleness related to membership in a given society

Week 8
Growing brain
The brain grows at a faster rate than any other part of the body. By age 5, child’s brain weighs 90% of average adult brain weight, whereas total body weight is merely 30%.
One reason is due to increase in the number of interconnections among cells. These interconnects allow for more complex communication between neurons, permit rapid growth of cognitive skills.
Amount of myelin (protective insulation that surrounds parts of the neurons) increases, which speeds the transmission of electrical impulses along brain cells but also adds weight to the brain.
Rapid brain
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Emergence of intuitive thought – use of primitive reasoning and their avid acquisition of knowledge about the world

Piaget limitations – researched based on few children, it’s been found that Piaget underestimated children’s capabilities * cognitive skills develop more in a continuous manner, developmental changes are more quantitative in nature, improving gradually. * Conservation theory has not stood up to careful experimental scrutiny

Information processing theories – cognitive development consists of gradual improvements in the ways people perceive, understand and remember information
With age and practice, pre-schoolers process more information efficiently and with greater sophistication, and they are able to handle increasingly complex problems. It is these quantitative advances which constitute cognitive development
Argue that their approach is a more accurate
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