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Three of the fields of psychology that have influenced me and my current major in biology are Developmental Psychology, Neurological Psychology, and Clinical Psychology; they have influenced me by Developmental Psychology relating to my future goal to work with pediatrics, Neurological Psychology relating to both biology in a general sense and also my potential interests in the neurology field, and Clinical Psychology relating to being a doctor in general. One of the fields of Psychology that has influenced me and my current major of biology is developmental psychology. As a hopeful, future-pediatrician, it only makes sense for me to understand both a child’s developing body and mind. Regarding developmental psychology, a push for children to be studied felt its origins in “concern over infant mortality, child labor, and the education of children” (Hilgard, 568). Erik Erikson would eventually pull from Freud’s idea of various stages in development; however, as opposed to focusing on sexual based stages, Erikson would focus on relationship and social based stages. Erikson’s views are more in tune with our modern ideas of childhood development stages. Such stages are important in pediatrics. They are usually accompanied by important milestones that give clues to how well a young child is developing. Also, if certain stages are not met socially, it potentially implies some issue. Developmental Psychology also relates back to genetics, which is extremely important in Biology
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