Developmental Psychology and Correct Answer

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Tut 201 Question 1 Feedback on Question 1 The correct answer is (3)-physical,psychosocial and cognitive domains. These domains are described in the question: in the question's first sentence development in the physical domain includes maturation and growth of the body and brain(p.10 & p. 426 of the prescribed book). In the second and third sentences in the example the psychosocial effects [ie psychological ( sense of self worth) and social (peer group interaction) of Janes early maturation (p.426) are described-not only the effects in the psychological domain of development as stated in answer (2). Her ability to Judge ,reason and understand people and social norms (p.454) referred to in the fourth and fifth sentences,relate to…show more content…
Biological processes which are related to maturation are genetically determined. Highly canalised traits restrict the reaction range of inherited traits. The concept of canalisation does not describe the channeling of inherited traits into socially acceptable behaviour. The statement in (3) is also incorrect because it is very difficult to distinguish between the effect and importance of hereditary and the environment (see p.79). The type of development described in the example is also incorrect since these developments or traits are not highly or completely canalised (see p.80). Question 7 Feedback for question 7 The correct answer is (2) -The information can be found on page 105 of the prescribed book . The answer in (1) is incorrect because damage to the heart and other organs due to high blood glucose levels occurs during the first 8 weeks of pregnancy (embryonic stage: 2 to 8 weeks) and not the fetal stage (pp. 96-97). The answer in (3) is also incorrect because the effects of the mother's diabetes and malnutrition differ (compare the effects of malnutrition on p. 100 with those of high blood glucose levels on p. 105). Question 8 Feedback for question 8 The correct answer is (3) (See Papalia et al.,pp. 135-137 & 224-226). The statement in (a) is correct -when you study Harlow's research (pp.135-136),you will realise that,to soothe a baby,close
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