Developmental Psychology and Key Person Essay

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CYPOP1-3.1 – Explain the benefits of the key worker, person system in early years settings Babies and young children’s development is closely tied to the quality of the relationships that they have with others and especially the key person within their early years settings. Usually babies and toddlers do no like to be separated from their parents or primary carer, and therefore it is important that babies and young children are supported by a key person in their setting who will act as a temporary substitute for the care, love and attention that is usually provided by the parent. When the key person system works well within a setting, both parents and children are able to feel comfortable and relaxed during their time apart. The…show more content…
CYPOP1-3.2 Explain how babies and young children learn and develop best from a basis of loving, secure relationships with carers and with key persons in work settings. Good relationships are essential for the well-being of most people, especially true for babies and young children. When babies and young children feel valued, secure and trust the people around them, they are more likely to thrive and achieve their developmental goals. Certain areas of development are linked to the strength of attachment that children have with those around them, especially emotional and language development. We also know that children learn from those they have a strong bond with and so cognitive development can also be linked to strong relationships. This is of course equally true with their primary carer, for example their parents, as well as with their key person in their setting. When babies and children have poor attachments or relationships with adults, they are likely to find it hard to settle, to concentrate and enjoy being within their setting. If poor attachment exists between parents and children, children are more likely to show poor behaviour and concentration and this in turn affects their learning. In order to be able to identify a strong attachment a key person may have with a child, there are some classic signs to look out for. They are as follows:- A child will actively seek to be near you. They will
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