Developmental Reading

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“The Different Learning Styles of the Selected

Freshmen Education Students at Villaflores

College, Tanjay City Negros Oriental

SY: 20011-2012”



A Baby Thesis

Presented to

Mr. Percival T. Tolomia, M.A. ED

In Partial Fulfillment of the requirement in

ED.STRAT 8 (Developmental Reading

October 2011




We choose this topic because we want to know how the freshmen students cope up with their everyday lessons with their learning styles.

Recognizing which style is your preferred one is not to suggest that one is better than other, rather it serves to help you work out strategies when
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Department of Education - The government agency tasked to give the basic education in the elementary, secondary and tertiary level.

Freshmen Education Students - These refer to the students of Villaflores College enrolled in the Freshmen level in the Regular classes for the School Year 2011-2012.

Learning Styles - Refer to the different approaches or ways of learning. It is a student’s consistent way of responding to and using stimuli in the context of learning,

Villaflores College - A private school in Tanjay City. It is where the respondents of this study are enrolled in.

Cognitive Theory - suggests that individuals process information differently on the basis of either acquired or inherent traits. Many researchers investigated the variables of field dependence and independence, global and analytic, simultaneous and successive, and left-right-preferred processing. As they conducted studies to determine the student’s characteristics that appeared to be more or less responsive to environmental


The concepts and theories gathered based on readings from books and the internet are used as basis for determining the theoretical framework of the study.

Learning styles are biologically and developmentally set of personal characteristics that make the identical types of instruction affective for some
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