Developmental Stages Of Child Development

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Every child is different, and so is every parent 's experience; but experts have gained a clear idea about the range of normal development from birth to the time of a person’s death. Although most child development experiences are not going to be the same due to the differentiation between culture and genetics, there are developmental milestones every child should experience within a certain range of age. Some of the most apparent factors of a child’s developmental stages are genetics, parenting, experiences, friends and family, education, and culture, or environment. All of these factors shape and individual life from the earliest years to the later years of life and eventually death. Although there are multiple developmental stages in one’s life, the time span at the age of two, is one of the most influential times of growth and development for both child and parent. This stage of life is considered to be in the category of a toddler. The toddler years consists of ages one through three, but this paper is most concisely focused on a child at the age of two. Because of a child’s growing desire to be independent, this stage is often called the "terrible twos." Even though this time span of growth sounds as if it is the worst, it can also be the most exciting for both a parent and a toddler. This developmental stage consist of four major aspects in an individual’s lifespan. Throughout life, a person will endure physical, cognitive, personality and social developmental
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