Developmental Tasks Of Adolescence And Development

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There are multiple developmental tasks of adolescence and within this essay you will be able to fully understand 5, Physical development, motor development, Cognitive development, information processing, and language development. Each child will undergo different physical changes in development according to our text Development Through The Lifespan, “Children grow slower in early childhood and they become longer and leaner” (216). Growth centers will emerge within the skeleton and as baby fat falls off, children gradually become thinner. Along with physical development the skeletal growth and brain development increases. According to Laura Berk, “Areas of the prefrontal cortex devoted to various aspects of executive function develop rapidly. The left cerebral hemisphere is especially active, supporting preschoolers’ expanding language skills and improved executive function” (217). Several of the areas of the brain make improvements during childhood and overall increase the coordinated functioning of the central nervous system. The second developmental task is motor development. According to our text Development Through The Lifespan “ As the child’s center of gravity shifts toward the trunk, balance improves, paving the way for new gross – motor achievements”(223). Improved control of the hands and fingers leads to dramatic gains in fine motor skills. Preschoolers then gradually become more self-sufficient. The third developmental task is Cognitive development, which…
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