Developmental Theories, Erikson And Freud Essay

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What is development? Development is “A progressive increase in the function of the body.” (growth and development book) As a nurse it is vital to understand what development means and how people develop, especially children. In this essay I will talk about two very important developmental theories, Erikson and Freud. In addition, compare their similarities and their differences. Erikson was a psychologist who was greatly influenced by Freud. Although influenced by Freud there are some differences in there developmental stages. Erikson believed that development in an individual was molded by society, culture, and environment. While Freud’s belief was that development is in some way is influenced by the fixation of sexual interest of different areas of the body. The stages in Erikson’s development theory outline how important social experiences can shape us. While Freud’s theory is mainly based on ones sexuality. Additionally the other significant difference between Erikson’s and Freud’s theories is the outcome of a particular stage. Erikson believed that the outcome of a certain stage was not permanent and that it could be changed later on in life. While Freud presumed that if an individual became fixated on a stage problems associated with that stage would be carried on through life. On the other hand, there are many similarities between the two developmental theories. Both Erikson and Freud believed that each task must be completed or the conflict must be resolved in
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