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Developmental Theories in The Notebook Brianna Gallegos University of New Mexico N224 Developmental Theories in The Notebook The Notebook demonstrates the growth and development theories including biosocial, psychosocial, and cognitive. The Notebook is a movie about a young couple who falls in love. The woman, Allie, is from a wealthy family who is discouraged when she has fallen in love with a young man, Noah, who only makes .40 cents an hour (Cassavetes, 2004). The story is told through a “notebook” that Noah is reading to Allie, whom has Alzheimer’s disease. Allie has no clue that Noah is her husband due to her disease. Noah has hope that Allie will eventually recognize the story he is telling her and realize it is her husband…show more content…
According to Erikson, this is when the elderly start to be proud of their accomplishments, but are also faced with disparity of the goals they never reached (Berger, 2011). Noah is proud to be telling Allie about their past and wants her to remember it because he is taking so much pride in it. Even though Noah wants Allie to remember their past, he is dealing with the disparity that his wife may not ever remember him. An example from the movie is when Allie remembers who Noah is for just a few moments, and he is so glad and has thought she is back forever, but Allie immediately goes back into not knowing who Noah is (Cassavetes, 2004). Noah is immediately sad and despised that his wife will never be the same. The brain slowly starts to diminish in the elderly. According the Maslow, this stage in life is a life review (Berger, 2011). Allie and Noah’s life is in a review throughout the entire movie. Allie is trying to remember what her life was like. Unfortunately, Allie comprehends the story Noah is telling her, but doesn’t realize it is herself. She states in the movie, “this is a great story, the girl seems so amazing” (Cassavetes, 2004). Her lack of ability to remember is due a threat to her development. Allie has Alzheimer’s disease, which is a disease that one cannot remember due to the proliferation of plaques and tangles in the cerebral cortex (Berger, 2011). This disease is common in the elderly. Alzheimer’s has taken over Allies life, as she

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