Essay about Developmental Views of Parenting Style and Effectiveness

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Developmental Views of Parenting Style and Effectiveness

Parenting effectiveness and influence have been studied by developmental

psychologists who have been interested in the role of parenting and how it may affect the

success or failure of children. An important aspect to this area of research is parenting

styles. There have been four styles noted and each may have differing outcomes for the

children in later life: authoritarian, authoritative, permissive, and unengaged/uninvolved.

Positive discipline and corporal punishment are ways parents may choose to respond to a

child?s misbehavior. Usually corporal punishment is identified with the authoritative

style and positive discipline with the
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They expect a high level of conformity of their children. Often they are unresponsive to their children?s needs. Often, if the child does not do exactly as the parent requires the parent will use force to get the child to do what is expected. Baumrind?s (1991) study describes authoritative parents as both demanding and responsive. The parents set reasonable limits for the children and expect them to follow through, but will also listen to the child?s concerns. They express warm feelings toward the child and are patient. Both parent and child gets to have a say in matters. Unresponsive/uninvolved parents are low in both responsiveness and demandingness. They may reject the child. They do not show any effort beyond what is needed to take care of the child?s basic needs. If this parenting style is extreme it is considered child neglect. Children of authoritative parents usually have the most desirable profiles. They are generally friendly with peers, independent, have a high degree of self-control, and work well with adults. They have more self-confidence when attempting new tasks. They also tend to have more self-control. Children of authoritarian parents tend to act out aggressively and display disruptive behaviors. Bierman, Lengua, McMahon, and Stormshak (2000) found that parenting styles that included yelling/ nagging were associated with all types of
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