Developmentally Appropriate Teaching Strategies Essay

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Developmentally Appropriate Teaching Strategies Korianne Shafer SOC312: Child Family & Society (BMF1441A) Art Tolentino October 27, 2014 Developmentally Appropriate Teaching Strategies Diversity encompasses numerous characteristics including socio-economic background, ethnicity, special needs, gender, and giftedness (Cazden, 2001). Today, classrooms are getting more varied and diverse with students from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds, and students with a disability. It appears that teachers must meet the needs of all students successfully and individually to effectively teach a classroom of diverse students. This paper will first identify three challenges involved with ensuring that teaching strategies are…show more content…
In essence, this issue is usually a huge challenge in meeting cultural and personal challenges in children. For this reason, the teacher must be able and willing to offer that child whatever he or she wants. However, the concept of fairness should not be confused with equality; a teacher ought to know that fairness is when children get what they need (Horner, 2005). Markedly, there is a huge difference between a want and a need; therefore, teachers the distinctive concept of equality and fairness is not synonymous. For instance, if a student needs to put on glasses when in class to see the board clearly, equality would suggest that all student in the classroom are given glasses, on the other hand, fairness would be to ensure that the child is in a position to where his or her glasses. In essence, teachers must foster and create an opening and nurturing classroom environment for their students in order for them to successfully distinguish the teacher’s definition of fairness and the child’s definition of fairness. Arguably, this is one of the biggest challenges faced by teachers in ensuring that teaching strategies are appropriate for children who are culturally diverse. In conclusion, a teacher cannot effectively teach students to his or her fullest potential without having a fundamental understanding of a child’s disability or ethnic and cultural background. Therefore, it should be every teacher’s goal for all students in his or her class to exceed
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