Developments for a Better Sunnyvale Resort

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Mr. Redgrave, the owner of Sunnyvale Resort, in 1978 decided that he needed to hire a new General Manager due to the decline in his properties revenue. The decline in revenue was due to the decrease in room occupancy and room rates. This resulted AAA taking away a start making us a three-star property. In efforts for Mr. Redgrade to increase his revenue he hired Ken Richards, an experienced general manager from a convention hotel in Richmond. Ken’s then inspected the property to determine issues as well as meet with each department head to meet both individually and in a group setting. In this essay I will discuss the following: problems within each department (Director of Sales, Executive Housekeeper, Chief Engineer, Reservation Manager, and Food & Beverage Manager), recommendations to make department heads work as a team, what actions should be taken if department heads are not able to improve their department in a suitable amount of time, and how Ken can validate the progress to Sunnyvale’s owner within 90 days. The Director of Sales, Skip Keener, talked about Sunnyvale and its glory days, he worked there for 40 years, yet he seemed unmotivated due to the hotels current condition and standings. When consulting with other departments there were complaints about his department, due to lack of communication. The Executive Housekeeper, Ruth Harless, also seemed unmotivated and came to Ken’s attention she stopped attending executive meetings for over two years ago. It was

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